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Web Design, Digital Marketing & SEO With A Specialist Webmaster

If you are Looking for the right Web designer, Digital Marketer & SEO optimizer, the Best web design packages include features such as Technical SEO support and Digital Ads, Up-to-date technology, and creating your website Google-friendly. But you are not a web designer and can’t afford to hire an expensive one ($15000). Then this message is just for you. Here’s why? You can choose our Packages at an affordable cost.

We did design websites for different industries with unique Solution Such as Online Book Appointments, E-Medical, E-Shops, and E-Consultants. Where we are used POS, SAAS, CRM, Book Appointments and Video Consultant systems.

We are also doing Branding for Businesses, Optimize Search listing on Google and Bingo, and also Running Ads for Brand Awareness and Sales.

Brand Marketing has a Framework with a color scheme, Design Photos, and Wordsmiths for web design. This framework helps to take your business to the next level.

It doesn’t matter where are you working (Industries), Share your business problems with us and get a website with a solution.


Here is what We can provide to you


Creative Design Agency

We’re creative Design Teams that design your Brand New website. It will be a Colorful, Amazing, and stylish Page Idea. It will be unique from other users’ websites and brand voice. Eyes catching Banners, Vertical and Horizontal border lines, Increase credibility and usability. Our team will choose the right hex colors code for your brand nature. Different industries know different colors. So, it is for your brand website and Graphics.

  • Design Brand Web
  • Colorful, Amazing, and stylish
  • Unique Brand Voice
  • Increase Credibility and Usability
  • Color Scheme

Fast Design

WordPress takes less time than coded-website and designs less than weeks. Sometimes takes 30 days. It will have the same design and functionality as a coded website. Design your website wireframe. When a project is in a testing Phase, we will design your website in a testing phase, check its functionality, and demo it for you. When your website design and content are in the testing phase successfully. We will live your website.

  • Less time to complete 
  • Testing Phase
  • Live your website

Digital Marketing Specialist

We have a specialist team in Content competition analysis, Marketing gap, Natural Language Processing, and Connecting the right audience in digital marketing. It will be helpful for the brand's connection with its customers. In the Digital Marketing Field, We are using copywriting, Content-marketing, and Seo audits to help new brands live long in the market. Our team worked in a different niche industry.

  • Content Marketing Specialist
  • Copywriter
  • SEO audits
  • Create Niche content


Low Cost in Market

Your website will design in the world's most popular cms WordPress system. It will be an easy interface for a user. WordPress plugins and themes are low-cost. A benefit of WordPress Web is that it will update its version for security protection. It will be giving the flexibility to integrate the features you need.

  • Plugins and Theme are low cost
  • Maintenance fees are low

CMS You Easily Manage Your Website

We will design your website in WordPress. You do not need a College degree and high-tech knowledge to control your website. It is simple as Facebook and Instagram use. You will have a specific link that opens your login credential Page for your website login. After you log in will see a dashboard similar to social media. You will write posts or news on your website without stress.

  • CMS WordPress
  • Don’t need High-tech knowledge
  • Users Login credentials
  • Simple Dashboard
  • News and Post Writing without Stress.

24/7 Support

We are available 24/7 for communication with the email support team. If you face any problem in the future, email us, and we will solve it immediately. If you need a backup of your website, recover a database, and prevent hackers from your website. Contact us. It will be a response to our email to you. We will be glad to assist you and solve your problems.

  • 24/7 Support
  • Email
  • Live Chat
  • Protect your website from hackers
  • Backup data.

Results That Speaks About US

Willim Barber

"I wholeheartedly recommend WMFC Agency to any business owner looking for top-notch website design services. Their expertise, creativity, and commitment to customer satisfaction make them an exceptional partner. They have truly elevated our restaurant's online presence, and we are grateful for their outstanding work."
Chief John
owner Restaurant

Design For Different Industries.
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  • WordPress.
  • Shopify.
  • Book Appointments.
  • Saas.
  • POS.
  • Online Payment-integration.



  • Google Ads.
  • Search engine optimization.
  • Facebook ads.
  • Copywriting.
  • Content Marketing.
  • Google My Business.


  • SEO Optimization
  • Content Management Systems e.g. WordPress.
  • Business Management System For ( Online Booking, Consultant systems, etc).
  • Copywriting.
  • Sale Funnels!
  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads

Terms & Conditions!

  1. Elementor Free/Pro will be used for designing your website. The plugin services are charged yearly. Plugin charges should be paid through their official website.
  2. SEO-Content is available only in Quarterly Web Marketing Packages.
  3. Monthly Web Marketing Packages include Sale-Funnel and Ads Campaign Services and exclude SEO.
  4. Clients are responsible for paying the website’s domain, hosting, ads, and plugin fees. These fees are excluded from the package prices mentioned above.
  5. Professional Content is utilized for SEO and Funnels.
  6. Our services encompass managing Ads campaigns, Website Funnels, Search Engine Optimization, Web Design, and Web Integration (Email, Maps, and Plugins).
  7. E-commerce functionality and Product/Service options are exclusively available for E-commerce websites.
  8. Revisions are available within 7 days from project completion. After 7 days, the project is considered completed-end both side.
  9. The maximum number of revisions allowed is 3.
  10. The clients are responsible for providing all necessary content, images, logos, and other materials required for the website.
  11. We utilize Images that are free from Copyright restrictions.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will my website be Seo Friendly?

Yes, We design your website In an SEO framework that helps to connect your right audience from Google. It saves you money to redesign your website for SEO optimization. Most business design their website without knowing SEO, and after that regrets, and redesign their website.

You will not need to pay a cost to redesign your website for an SEO framework.

  • Seo optimized
  • Good Web vitals
  • Content optimization
  • Technical Seo

How Much Time to Take a Website Design Completed?

Our team completed the project within 30 days and often sooner. Our Developers doing fast work, picking up images for your brand, Designing a User interface, and being Mobile friendly.

  • Responsive Design
  • High-quality Images
  • High-Quality Videos
  • Intro Videos
  • Stylish Font-family
  • Animated Font
  • Color Scheme

Where will my website be hosted?

It depends on you. Some clients choose hosts such as Godaddy, Bluehost, and Siteground. Other clients are using our recommended cloud hosting is affordable and fastest.

It is helpful for their website to load fast in visitors’ browsers. Also, rank on Google listings because Google loves webs that open in 2s.

Does Web design play a significant role in Seo?

Without a Friendly SEO website design, the Consequences will be worst for your business and struggles in marketing. Your Seo content only works whenever your website follows Google guidelines.

So, we can follow Search engine guidelines for designing your website and boosting its fast loading.

  • Fast-loading Speed
  • Zero redirect error
  • Google Maps integration
  • Image resizes.
  • Preloading js and CSS
  • CDN from Cloudflare or wp rocket.
  • Up-to-date Security.

When a website need to redesign?

When your website has an outdated, old design, and some are poor metrics. Poor metrics include low-conversion rate, high bounce rate, need better Ux, and Not correctly displayed on other devices such as Mobile and tablets.

According to a 2020 survey, below are the top reason for a website to redesign.

  • Low conversion rate (80%)
  • Better UX (61%)
  • High bonus rates (65%)
  • Non-Responsive Devices( 53.8%)
  • Outdated website (38.5%)
  • Not Seo Friendly (23%)

How do you know what kind of content you publish on a website?

We will create contents for your website that are relevant to your industry, credibility, and authority. We will use on-page optimization strategies, competitor gaps, and competitor analysis strategies for your web content. Some clients prefer to upload their content that time-consuming process.

We have a copywriting team that converts your content into a sales letter. It will be helpful for you to persuade your web visitors to become your customers.

  • Crafting the content
  • Content into Sale Letters
  • Boost your audience Engagement
  • Competitor's content gap
  • Competitor's content analysis Strategies

What is involved in the launch of the website?

Our team will launch your website with follows Google guidelines and Brand Marketing Framework. It will pass a sequence that is around 89 to meet Google guidelines.

  • Pageinsight Speed
  • Google Search consoles.
  • Web vitals
  • Redirects
  • Technical Seo optimization
  • Funnels Frameworks

Certified & Partners!

Hi, I’m Muhammad Shoaib

A web design and Internet Marketing expert with a passion for creating stunning websites since 2016. Partnering with Royce Hosting for reliable web hosting and WMFCAgency for top-tier web design and marketing. Muhammad Shoaib delivers tailored solutions to drive online success.  Certified From Google Marketing Platform, Advance Digital Marketing For Facebook And Google Ads, and Also Designing Certification from Coursera and Shopify Partner Program!

Brand Designer & MARKETER.

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