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  • 4 Pages Responsive Website
  • PPC Campaigns
  • SEO Keywords
  • Facebook Campaigns
  • 3 Social Media Integration
  • 8 Pages Responsive Website
  • PPC Campaigns
  • SEO Keywords
  • Facebook Campaign
  • 3 Social Media Integration
  • 10 Pages Responsive Website
  • 1 PPC Campaigns
  • 10 SEO Keywords
  • 1 Facebook Campaign
  • 1 Video Campaign
  • 3 Social Media Integration


A web design agency will probably have a professional web/graphic designer working on website UI such as themes, logos, color patterns, and any other brand object. Many software such as Adobe Photo Shop, Illustrator, after-effects are the key ingredient to producing quality web design for businesses, welfare or an ecommerce store.
1. Define Purpose and Objectives
- Clearly outline the website's purpose and goals.

2. Research and Planning
- Conduct market research, identify the target audience, and plan the site structure.

3. Wireframing
- Create fundamental visual representations of the website's layout.

4. Design Mockups
- Develop detailed design visuals, including color, typography, and imagery.

5. Prototyping
- Build interactive prototypes for user testing and feedback.

6. Development
- Code the website using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

7. Responsive Design
- Ensure the website is functional and visually appealing across various devices.

8. Content Integration
- Add and optimize content for better search engine visibility.

9. Testing
- Conduct comprehensive testing for both functionality and design.

10. Launch
- Configure hosting settings and deploy the finalized website.
The time required to create a website depends on its complexity. A simple brochure site may take 20-40 hours, while a small business site could require 40-100 hours. E-commerce sites typically take 100-200+ hours due to added functionalities. Custom web applications range from 200-500+ hours, and enterprise-level projects surpass 500 hours. Actual durations vary based on project specifics and team expertise. Ongoing maintenance may also be necessary post-launch.
Not at all. We will provide you all features as mentioned in selected deal or package without paying a single penny. Also if required you certainly can purchase any additional services at any time.
No, you need any hosting service provider to host your own website. Also you need some technical information to host the domain and making it live. You need to throw a few php files into a hosting folder and make them live on the internet. We don't suggest you to do this technical stuff yourself or simple don’t try to host your own website as it will definitely bring some performance and technical issues.
Wmfcagency provides a comprehensive range of digital services tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Our offerings include:

1. Web Design and Development

2. Digital Marketing

3. E-commerce Solutions

4. Graphic Design

5. Content Creation

6. SEO and Analytics

7. Motion Video Promo

8. Consultation and Strategy
No, there isn’t. Our experts work with clients and customers all over the world. We’ve worked with clients from all industries and have successfully transformed them into giant corporations in general. Our team’s mission is for a perfectly digital planet and for that we like to work with international corporations all the time.
It depends on the selected package, if it is included then No.
Simply visit our contact us page or start chat with our representative, provide us your requirements, and it's done! Let our expert team provide you with an outstanding services.

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